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A modern approach to eventing, by training the rider in their physical strength, core stability, cardio vascular fitness and proprioceptive (balance) ability.


This has been overlooked in the sport for many years especially at the younger age and particularly the amateur. Please read further under the Training tab.


Poppy and Harriett are the trail blazers of Blokland Eventing, both amassing over 6 years between them in their young lives so far.


Poppy has completed 2013 with a Hickstead win, 2 BE Novice ODE and a Pony Trial ODE at Stonar.


Harriett has finished her 2013 season with 2 ISODE wins at Stonar. Also qualifying fro the 70cm SJ and 80cm SJ NSEA final, narrowly missing the NSEA dressage final. 

It has been a tough road to the present level and we found that there was a distinct lack of help and advice in making the transition from Pony Club unaffiliated competitions to the first affiliated British Eventing competition. We unfortunately learnt the hard way.


The questions we should have asked ourselves and you should be asking yourself is:


  • What level do we want to enter: BE 80T or BE90

  • Is the Pony/horse fit enough to take that step?

  • Is the rider fit enough both physically and emotionally to take that step?

The big one:


  • What event should be our first?


Get any of these wrong and you could be in for a tough day, just like we had at our first event.

Preparation is everything.


Hopefully this web site will help both young and old riders who want to take that next step that little bit easier.



Have a great year from Blokland Eventing.



  • Stonar 1st team St Mary's SJ compitition.Poppy 1st individual
  • Poppy 1st at Elmwood ode BE 100 on Mr Skips 3rd BE 90 on Babe
  • Harriett 4th on Tex; Hursely ode Poppy 3rd on Babe.
  • Harriett won the 2013 Mini ISODE with her dressage score of 20.5.
  • Good results at West Wilts over the weekend

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